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Did Anyone See the Colts-Patriots Game?


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Definitely off-topic, but I know there are some football fans here, if not Colt and Patriots fans.  My boy Manning pulled his team through one more time against the amazing Brady.  Unbelievable finish to this game!  9-0 baby!  Cheers!


Patriots were too full of themselves and had the gaul to go for a passing play on the last play of their possession at 2:00 minute warning mark, when they were 4th and 2. Serves them right. They should have punted the damn thing.


(Note: we are only allowed to discuss off-topic subjects if Sanjeev says so  :D)

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Yeah, I guess I should have clarified that "off-topic" discussion rule.  I don't mind off-topic, as long as I don't get multiple complaints from boardmembers.  


So feel free to discuss "off-topic", but if multiple complaints come in because the subject is controversial or offensive, then I may have to pull it.  If I start getting complaints from Patriot's fans, you're out of luck!   ;D  Cheers!

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