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Enormous business opportunities for Canada's West coast


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FERC has denied today re-hearing of Veresen's LNG project in Oregon:




With some of the most cost effective natural gas wells in North America, the Montney is uniquely positioned. Then with a project such as the one from Petronas on the B.C. coast, we could ship LNG to Japan and South Korea at a very low overall cost vs strong competitors such as Australia and Papua New Guinea.


Then this:




Can't have these VLCC's travel through the Panama Canal, can't dock in U.S. ports, have to transfer from one ship to another at sea... This is nuts!


With TransMountain, Canada should ship its clean light oil to Asia (the U.S. has a lot of light oil with shale), then ship its heavy oil to Houston where refineries are best suited to refine it.


With the two pipeline projects approved by Trudeau and Keystone XL possibly re-surfacing, Canada should be able to figure this out. What we need to do is to put in place some of the very best and safest shipping facilities on the West coast to do that.



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