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Growth Stocks <eps growth 20%+>


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Doing this exercise myself, so thought i would open up the discussion to the broader group...which companies if any in your do you expect 15-20%+ annual EPS growth for 3 to 5 yrs going forward..


Few in my portfolio are below: BIDU, SRG, CNSWF, possibly CMG if traffic can normalizes in a yr or two.....

I hear similar arguments about AAPL, GOOGl, FB but struggle to believe such high growth is sustainable from current earning levels.... AMZN, TSLA, UA other growth candidates but priced as richly.. thoughts?

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Interesting topic.


Out of the stocks mentioned, FB probably can grow 15-20%+ for 3 years. Not sure about 5.


Asking about EPS growth makes little sense when you mention companies with almost zero earnings like AMZN and TSLA. Some other metric should be used there. TSLA probably can grow sales at 15-20%+.


I would not bet against GOOGL growing 15%+ though it's possibly getting tough.


Some other CoBF favorites to ponder: TDG? IBKR? PRDGF? ;)

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Fair pt about AMZN & TSLA, happy to take sales growth as a proxy for companies still GAAP unprofitable, but must have a reasonable path to profitability...


Yes 20% is a definitely a high threshold, but still an achievable one..how many of them are predictable as well as under-appreciated is a whole other question; but this thread is meant to address only the first part of that problem...20% growth (appreciated in stock price or not)

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