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Option Trading- Canadian Discount Brokerage


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Hello All,


To all the Canadians on the board, I was looking for the cheapest way to sell puts with a discount brokerage.  I am currently with Scotia Itrade (formerly Etrade Canada) and I pay 9.99 + 1.25 per contract.  Does anyone on the board use a brokerage that can beat that?





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You can opt out of their quotes charge (at least you can in the US).  In that case they have a $10/ month minimum in general.  That said their commissions are so cheap that it usually doesn't matter.  If you want free quotes and are a less frequent trader you can also try thinkorswim.ca, although it looks like their commissions are higher in Canada than the US.


$1.50 per contract with $7.50 minimum per trade (spreads - each leg represents a trade).


IB also has free, yes free, assignment and exercise which rocks.

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