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How to get resources for Research Paper


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I am interested in reproducing Alon Bochman's study on Negative Enterprise Value. I want to understand the difference in returns between Negative Enterprise Value and NNWC since the differences appear to be quite substantial.




Alon Bochman obtained his data from Compustat and CRSP databases. What is the best way to get access to these databases? Should I collaborate with a professor? Has anyone done this before?

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Bloomberg has some nice backtest features for automated trading strategies which is the easy way.


The harder and more academically rigorous way is using CRSP & COMPUSTAT. If you're still in school, you or your professor may have access to WRDS (https://wrds-web.wharton.upenn.edu/wrds/index.cfm?), and you'll want to use the CRSP/COMPUSTAT linked database. There's quite a bit of data, so helps if you have some technical computer skills (SQL + scripting language of choice).


Best of luck.

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