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Hedge Fund Pitch Book


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Not sure if anyone can help but here it goes:


I am putting together a hedge fund pitch book and am looking for assistance from a marketing/graphic design professional.


Anyone know of a company that has experience in creating high quality PowerPoint presentations for the financial services industry? I am launching a small fund so I need something reasonable in terms of cost.


Thanks in advance.


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I have not used this service, but I know a couple of people with funds established who used them and from what I saw the work was excellent. I believe they still use them. I was told the contact there is Michelle.


Cassuto Design  41 Union Square West #801  |  New York, NY 10003

phone 212-229-9607 |  fax 212-229-9843  |  mbc@cassutodesign.com


Good luck with it. Also, I have reviewed a number of docs like this in the past. Happy to give an opinion should you want one. No worries if not.


All the best

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