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All I want to know is where I´m going to die so I´ll never go there


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Funny thing about this book.  I was very skeptical about it, the artifice.  It features an imagined dialogue with what Munger might call a rube and Charlie and Warren.  He is seeking wisdom and has sought out these two gurus in a temple of wisdom...


Yet, yet,  It is really good.


What Bevelin has done is culled pages and pages quotes from Munger and Buffett to answer the rube's questions. And, get this, it is scrupulously footnoted.  So the book has about 1800 footnotes. (This in a non-academic book.)  Personally, thinking about writing a book like that with that many footnotes, makes my head hurt.  Reading it on the other hand is a sublime pleasure.

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I'm looking forward to it!


I'm finishing up Poor Charlie's Almanack just now and realized I had already bought the book foreshadowed by Charlie which was Seeking Wisdom by Peter Bevelin! These men are truly genius's of their own right. I'm amazed at how applicable some of this knowledge is to my career.

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