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The Buffett Essays Symposium: A 20th Anniversary Annotated Transcript Lawrence


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I purchased some PSH after reading this. I think Bills head and heart is in the right place.  Its in my retirement IRA so I dont expect ill need it for another 30+ years. Maybe this post will be around in that time to see how well it does.  This is a purchase and forget investment that I admit relies heavily solely on the talents of PSH.

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It's a series of exchanges about corporate governance. Some of it's been said before, repeatedly. Some of it I've never seen. But I'm young and dumb.


I wish there was more from the symposium. I tweeted at Cunningham this morning asking him what the book was transcribed from and wish we could get the entire audio. But I like the source material. I think it would be an invaluable resource to those that wish to follow in Buffett, et All's footsteps.


My take on Bill and this is just my estimation from what I read about him....I've never met him. My estimation is he wants to be like Buffett...in every way not just being the typical "value investor" that everyone talks. He's young in this book and I think even at a young age he's wants to out Buffett Buffett. And being young and going to this symposium and being an active participant means he wants to learn and build upon the path that Buffett has layed out.....he wants to learn from the best and be the best but in a way that's honorable. That's just my judgement call. Others will disagree.


Back to the book. Honestly I don't think it's necessary if your not super into such things as corporate governance.


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When I recently stumbled upon the symposium transcript, I was struck by how many of the questions we discussed remain vital.




Im not sure why he wont share the whole thing with the world......you would think that would generate more conversation and maybe let some more "intellectual sparks" fly.

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