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Looking for Munger video, transcript, and compilation


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Fellow groupies before you go to Omaha,


I'm looking for the following:


  • A video of Munger's speech at Harvard-Westlake (LA high school), not sure that it exists.
  • Online transcript of his speech at his 50th Harvard Law Reunion, yeah, yeah, I know it's in Poor Charlie's.
  • That compilation of ~334 pages that was circulating last year( now the link is broken).

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Here is a full compendium of everything Munger:




Not to be that type of person, but Swami X remember, on this board you have a lot of Buffett and Munger groupies!


Shane (creator of Farnam Street Blog) has a great site, etc., but that is hardly close to a full compendium of "everything Munger" or even the best compendium on the web.  See Value Act or the listings on Wikipedia, Tilson, or that accountant, whose name escapes me at the moment, maybe RHJ partners, etc.


Second, you aren't even answering the question...


but after all that snark, welcome to the board! I see that this is one of your first posts. You have now been officially hazed and are hereby initiated.  Your sash (not stash) will be arriving in the mail, once you have completed your first investment recommendation. ;)

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Here's my compilation (though it does not have some of the items you requested):



This has everything I can find on Munger that was written by him (skipping interviews).  Includes talks that I've found.


If you have anything that is not in the compilation, please let me know, as I'd like to add it.


Wow, very impressive collection, I had not seen the Blue Chip stamps AR's before.  Well Done!

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