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Best Value Mutual Funds?


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A friend of mine wants to invest in a value mutual fund. Do you guys know what are the best value funds around? The only two I can think of are the Third Avenue Funds (Martin Withman's funds) and the Fairholme Fund (Berkowitz). Is there anything else on the market with a decent track record?


thanks in advance



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If your friend does not mind a closed end mutual fund, source capital (SOR) may also be a good choice.


It used to trade at a premium, but has been trading at a discount to NAV for the past couple years. One essentially will be getting a 10+% discount.

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Hi Folks,


My first post on the forum although I have been following this forum for more than a year. Other than Chou funds, do you know of any other good value mutual funds within Canada.


As a Canadian, I would not be able to invest in US funds?


Thanks in advance



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