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What are you short?

Graham Osborn

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Just noticed the collectibles market over the last couple of week.


I know its not stocks but give me a minute.


I like to collect basketball cards, and a couple of comics.  Everything I have bought in 2013 & 2014 has already at least doubled and even in some cases tripled (realized prices).  I'm not talking about Jordan's rookie or the very 1st Superman but this shit has gone bonkers the last two years.  I wish my stocks had returns like this the last couple of years. 


Needless to say, I am selling the shit out of everything.  I don't know if its a easy money thing or a bubble but I'll step to the side.

Thanks for the heads up.


Where do you get market prices for these sorts of things? I have a few comics and tons of basketball cards I would love to turn into capital :)


eBay is the best place to get an idea of the going prices.  If it is something desirable and in good shape I would professionally have it graded.  The difference in 1 point can easily double the price (it's hard to get these grades).  If you'll send me a list of what you have I can give you a better idea how I would approach it.

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Grant's is also short John Deere (DE). In part for the same reason as CAT, glut of equipment and no demand for new or used equipment. Grant's goes on to say DE will face a swath of credit losses and asset write-downs on its leased machinery if grain prices and agricultural incomes don't increase.


Well that was a pretty bad call.

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