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historic stock data for delisted companies


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i am looking for a website that has historic stock data (mainly prices) for delisted companies, for example due to bankruptcy, merger, privatization, buy out etc.


are there any free website around that offer this kind of information?




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thanks, not looking good so far....


another, but related question:


are there any (free) website that have sec documents prior to 1994?


from the little research i have done, it looks like you can get older sec documents through university libraries, but that doesn't work for me because i am in europe

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I looked into this too. I couldn't find anything for free.


Me too.  It's surprising that none of the major sources have it.


I guess I have to ask why you're surprised? Pricing data is extremely expensive. To have free data someone would need to either scrape the data and host it free with legal ramifications. Or else someone canabalize their business.


Quandl has the best prices on this stuff. It's $150/quarter for what you're looking for as an individual. I was quoted at $800/mo from Morningstar for something similar with only 1,000 tickets. That was EOD, real time even more expensive.


I guess you need to determine the value for yourself. On Quandl you can download the whole historic set at once. So if you don't care about updates its $150. That seems really cheap to me. But I guess to a bunch of value guys anything over $0 is too much.

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