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Andrew Ross Sorkin interview with Charlie Rose


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Fascinating interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin on Charlie Rose recounting details from the economic crisis. Surprising to hear about all the secret meeting in early 2008 (pre june) such as Lehman trying to sell itself to many including Warren. Also color on the various actors including Paulson, Fuld and others...He definitely entices you to read his book, but he clearly has access to information not many have.





You can find his interview under the "Archive" tab on the main page.

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I saw that interview, too.  It was very good.  Subsequently, I bought Sorkin's book Too Big To Fail and have now read it.  I highly recommend his book for an "inside" look at the crisis, scene by scene.  The book is written in the style of Bob Woodward (not my favorite guy), i.e., sources are not named.  Nevertheless, it is a very good read. 


I understand that Paulson has his own book which will come out Jan 2010.  That should be interesting, too.  It doesn't change my view that Sorkin's book is a very worthwhile read for anyone interested the events surrounding the crisis.





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