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What's it like working in the industry as an analyst?


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I'm wondering if people can share their experience working as an analyst for a mutual fund, hedge fund, family office, etc.  What's expected when you're pitching an investment idea?  What happens if your idea tanks after an investment is made?  Who's held accountable for an investment idea?  Thanks!

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From my experience:


You usually cover a specific industry (e.g. packaging). Once you become the analyst for that industry you are supposed to follow all of the names in the portfolio under that industry. It doesn't matter if you pitched them initially or not. You usually send an update every time something significant happens and every quarter. Also, there is some regulatory?paperwork that you sometimes need to take care of. Then there is the analysis of new investment ideas. You do the research for days and then bring it to committee. here you get to present the idea to the big guys. They get to decie if they like it or not. If the idea gets approved, it goes into the portfolio and you are supposed to cover it. And that is basically the cycle. that is my experience, I guess things change depending of where you work at.

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