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  1. So I'm eager to read whatever more to come, and will share it here. Nice one john. It'd be much appreciated if you could share it. Thanks
  2. Who knows!!!! For what its worth....according to jim rogers...100% chance of usa recession on the way. CAPE and tobins q still way over valued. Corporate earnings still deteriorating. My thoughts- a lot more downside risk than upside potential. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/jim-rogers-theres-100-probability-131744313.html
  3. I do. I live in the next suburb. Feel free to PM me and ill see if i can help. Nick
  4. Hi scott, Have you read chris's book as yet? I quite like his ideas....im starting to fish around looking for quality businesses to keep/hold for forever and a day with great capital allocators at the helm. Chris made some suggestions (like softbank), have you got any thoughts on quality companies to look for at the moment? Thanks Nick
  5. Adam, I'm currently going through a similar exercise myself...so it's great to read your post. It's interesting, FFH, BRK and MKL are all business that are predicated on the write insurance premiums and invest the excess float (that doesn't have to be reserved for prudential/payout requirements) model - ie get access to capital at low cost. I was reading something by Buffett the other day that highlighted, in his words, that not all Insurance businesses are actually able to write insurance premiums at a sufficient premium that ensure a float exists - he explicitly stated that he believed that GEICO was great at doing this...two thoughts going round in my mind:- 1) "are FFH and MKL able to sustain insurance returns and thereby give themeselves access to the float better than BRK/GEICO can?"... 2) Putting Point 1) aside, who out of FFH, BRK and MKL have better underlying operational longer term businesses that they have invested in? I don't know the answer to this....and would welcome thoughts. Even though Buffett is getting old, I'm getting the feeling that I'd rather overweight towards BRK rather than FFH /MKL. I'm also looking at GBLB - Groupe Bruxelles Lambert & HCHC (Phil Falcone ) -although I'm a little uncomftable about the debt position of HCHC (high)
  6. excuse my ignorance?what's the title of it?
  7. Have you guys/gals seen this? Any thoughts? http://www.tilsonfunds.com/BRK.pdf
  8. Great post. For us amateur inveztors this is a really interesting question. Anyone got any practical experience that they can share?
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