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University of Chicago GGP Case Study


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Just a suggestion but I bet people are much more likely to read it if you give a synopsis, what you found so interesting, etc.


121 pages is the synopsis. It's a "successful" bankruptcy case for investors.


I think it was one of Ackmans presentations where he compared ggp to Budget Rent a Car...or hertz or something...I forget. But I think it really lays out a case for quality businesses that have temporary setbacks....fixable problems...I think ggp may be the American Express of Ackmans career. There's a lot of skepticism about activist investment....when you tell people they might be wrong about something it's a tough pill to swollow.



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Just google like "Chicago Booth GGP" or something like that...



There was a really cool study on Marque Night Club in NYC done by students at HBS. Just google "Marque night club HBS" or something like that. It didn't go into the depth like the GGP one but was fun to read. That was actually a really light read so there wasn't much value other than reading about how shitty the Night Club business is. Entertaining would be the way to describe it.


Someone on this site compiled a few together in a website not too long ago.



Strangely I haven't seen too many in depth case studies on things that go wrong...guess people don't like to talk about their failures..might be a suggestion for a place to look for some of you b school students for your projects.

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