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Google finance alternatives?


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Looking for web-based, but I will try MyStocks on my phone as well - thanks


I use it on a daily (sometimes minute by minute) basis to track securities. Not doing anything fancy - no  technical analysis, not entering my trade information, not looking for fundamentals, financials, etc. Just watching price/volume activity, waiting for buying/selling opportunities and checking a few things here and there like market cap, share count, dividend yield.


Google Finance news feed on the security page is absolutely terrible. Most of the feed is irrelevant or old. I don't get why the results don't mirror results of a simple Google search. I also don't like how I can't track debentures, rights or other non-standard securities. I look at mostly Canadian and US securities. Need to see it in the domestic currency (some apps like Seeking Alpha convert everything to USD, rendering it useless).


That said, I still haven't found a platform I prefer to Google Finance...

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