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How Two Guys Lost God and Found $40 Million


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The surprising thing to me is always that people will have articles like this written about them. I'm sure people have been essentially defrauding others for centuries, but wanting press and glory from that seems like a more recent phenomenon.  I remember reading some article about how the Italian mafia is having an issue with its members flaunting their wealth on instagram and drawing attention to themselves.

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I am going to speculate that this wont end well. 


These guys have just left themselves wide open to a whole host of problems:

- a cocaine overdose seems inevitable.

- rich person problems such as security, safety, extortion, for which they are ill prepared. 

- increasing costs of hangers on and entourages


Its much better to be quietly rich and anonymous than have the whole world know that you F** over a bunch of people to get where you are.  This article just begs for someone with a resentment, plane ticket, and a gun. 

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