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yes Andy Kilpatrick has a new book


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i only have a message on here when Andy has a new book.

i am 83 so not much to say.

The new book is "of Permanent Value/ 2015 Golden Anniversary Edition.

The story of Warren Buffett.

you can see and read about the book on amzn.com.

it will be available on OCT 23, 2015.


Marlin L Stockwell













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I will keep an eye out for the book.


Scott, I thought the video was very funny (can't speak to the points regarding WWF all that well) and you obviously have the self-confidence and the sense of humor where you're unafraid to put that video online!


Thanks LesPaul! I appreciate it.


Yeah, that's what not really having to answer to anyone does for you. I get to do whatever I want. :)


i have one of the Berkshire monopoly sets i bought years ago in Omaha.

under my bed never unwrapped it.




It's a pretty cool collector's item, Marlin. I bought one awhile ago and I was gifted another by a family, so I have one that is playable and one that is unwrapped and in great condition.

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