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How do you block ads on websites?


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Maybe it is not the solution but, it seems that my computer is ultra slow to upload some pages. Especially when they have all these video ads. And you can't do anything until it is fully loaded. Yahoo Finance has become unreal recently. Anyone else?


Sometimes my computer, which has Windows 10, gives me a message at the bottom of my screen that the website has a long script being run.


I am supposed to have high speed internet and the ping test with my cable operator is really good according to them. So what is it?




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I use Chrome with following plugins/extensions:

- AdBlock for blocking Ads

- Flashcontrol to launch flash only on what I choose to

- Ghostery to find out all the link trackers and block them


I have been using them for a while now and none of these have been the root cause with respect to infrequent chrome related CPU spikes.


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