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Ideas for saving time.


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How do you guys reconcile reading 500 pages a day with saving time?  8)



This is semi-serious question. On one hand, I would save tons of time not reading CoBF, articles, videos about investors and investing, company news, Barron's, investing books, etc. On the other hand, how to decide what of these are important and what are just filler (though possibly interesting). We are at the stage where I could read the investing blogs, listen to podcasts, etc. 8 hours a day and not cover all the good stuff there (sorry Oddballstocks, you're out  :P ). So?


All that you listed is way too much information.  I might kill spending so much time with WSJ.  I think you have to invest to time with what will fit your strategy. 


Here are my thoughts on reading.  Read 10-K's.  Almost all the other stuff is secondary information and generally nonessential.  I do read generally to try and acquire knowledge but the 10-k's are the critical thing along with the key drivers of a business.


BG2008:  Very helpful recommendation on Pomedoro method.  Has it been productive for those who have tried it?



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