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Has anyone bought shares off a foreign exchange? I was watching a speech by Eric Prince talking about the Blackwater operations, at the end he mentions a public company he is CEO of now that is setting up logistics operations in Africa, for transport. Basically if you want to have the peace of mind that you can be anywhere in country and have access to transport for medivac etc. They are also going to be involved in the logistics of getting natural resources out of hostile areas, and creating the infrastructure for that.  I have just started the due diligence on it, but before I even commit to that I was wondering if anyone has bought stock of the HK exchange. There aren't any ADR's available, so I'm guessing this will involve converting USD to HK dollars, with the resulting currency risk, in addition I'm guessing there are going to be some weird tax implication with owning a foreign company. Any infor will help, thx.

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Yes, buy non-US stocks all the time.  I use Fidelity, many on here prefer Interactive Brokers.  It's about as simple as buying a US stock.  I plug the ticker in, select the settlement currency, place my bid and click "Trade".


I've investigated opening accounts in New Zealand and Africa.  New Zealand brokerages had issues with me being an American, thankfully Fidelity offers them for trade.


Africa... they were more than happy to open an account for me.  This was in Rwanda, company Brawlira.  I never moved forward but one reader did and emailed me about a year later thanking me after a double.  The way I found brokers was simple.  I went to the exchange website and they had a link for firms that are allowed to trade.  I just emailed each.  I probably emailed 10-15 firms, a few got back to me with details on what to do. 


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