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C'mon You Guys! You Can Do Better!


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Hi Folks,


I'm doing the Gutsy Walk again on June 7th for Crohn's & Colitis Canada.  Through our dinners each year in Toronto, we've raised nearly $100,000!  If you include my annual Gutsy Walk campaign on here, we are over $110,000 in total.


If you are interested in supporting my walk, please go to my profile and donate:




Much appreciated!



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C'mon everyone!  Last year we did nearly $3,000!  That's the target for this year.


We have 180 people come to our dinner each year in Toronto and we raised $25,000!  There are 2,300 boardmembers on here and double that number in terms of people who view.


Let's go...show me the money!  Thanks very much to those who have donated already.  Cheers!

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