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Annual Meetings worth attending


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Besides BRK, BH, Fairfax and Sequoia, what meetings are worth attending?


I'll start it off with First national Bank of Alaska (FNBK).  It is usually very interesting and they have good comments on the Alaskan economic  outlook that is usually right on.  It's not quite as live wire since Mr Cuddy (in his 90's) has turned it over to his daughter, but he still makes a few comments similar to Mr. Munger's.

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What is the format of the BAM annual meeting? Is it similar to Berkshire Hathaway where investors ask questions to the management?


Thank you!


I attended the 2014 (May 2014) annual meeting. Bruce Flatt and other senior executives provided an overview of each business line as well as a summary of the significant events that occurred across the business in the prior 12 months. The meeting was then opened up to questions---only one question was asked (very disappointing) so they concluded the meeting.


Light refreshments and snacks were offered following the meeting during which time the executives including Bruce made themselves available to the shareholders/other meeting attendees to answer any questions one on one. I spoke with Bruce at length during this time and was able to ask him his views on deflation and its possible impact on BAM's various business (a concern of mine given the levels of debt the company and its subsidiaries have against income producing assets) as well as about the decision to invest a small amount along side Fairfax in the Eurobank capitalization. I  found Bruce to be very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and he took as much time as I needed to respond to my questions.


I plan on attending this years meeting which is schedule for Wednesday May 6th starting at 11:30 am at the Design Exchange on Bay Street in Toronto.

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Guest Schwab711

They have been acquired by WIN since but I loved going to PAETEC meetings before. It was run by Arunas Chesonis who now runs a small company called Sweetwater Energy. He is beyond impressive and was able to turn PAET into one of the strongest ILECs in the country. He knew every employee (they had 1000's) by name and their customer service was so good that he had one of the attendees call in front of everyone to prove their guarantee of "being able to speak to a 'real person' within 1 minute". I hate that he deserted PAET and Rochester but he was beyond impressive to listen to.


I liked M&T's annual meeting last year and they didn't validate whether I was a shareholder or not (I haven't heard of many companies actually checking). M&T's management seems like the old guy complaining about "today's terrible music" but they are really good bankers. They are the Wells Fargo of the Northeast/Rust-belt.


Cool topic idea! Anyone enjoy any of the lesser known meetings out there? Any meetings with great food or Q&A sessions?

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