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The science thread


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Probably a lot of people here interested in science. And it probably relates to a lot of investments as well as tech is in almost anything now. So fore xample, if you think battery cars will be big, then betting on aluminum now could be a good idea. I think having a clue what is going on in the science community can pay off nicely.  So make this a thread where we post links to interesting break throughs or studies?


Ill start off:

a new microscope has been developed that is suposed to ground breaking



Could also be interesting to track wether any of these things actually amount to anything.



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I like the idea of this thread, either to discover investment ideas or threats to existing investments.


I am looking at the concrete industry and a forum member advised me to look at newer formulations of cement which do not require massive energy sucking kilns. One such is here : http://www.blueworldcrete.com/technology/


Other innovative types include sulphur cement

Slagstar cement also looks promising (http://www.welantech.com/en/6petrochemical/12slagstar.htm)


Energy efficiency is becoming more prominent in the industry with more restrictive environment guidelines and higher requirements for LEED buildings.

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