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C-Span Interview with Janet Tavakoli


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i enjoyed that article, farnamstreet. and your blog, too. thnx!


its interesting how ms tavakoli has such a different view of tarp money & the big bank bailouts than buffett does, who she otherwise admires. she thinks there are too many "interested" (her term, another would be partick byrnes, "captured", tho that might be too strong here) appointees to important govt positions like bob rubin, paulsen, geitner, summers etc. she also mentioned cox's appointment to the SEC, & a former head of disgraced mortgage lender amerifirst being appointed ambassador to the netherlands as further examples. i think she hits the nail on the head, & her few examples of bob rubins behavioir as treasury secretary drives her point home.


but with regard to TARP & some of the big bank bailouts i have to side with buffett. to have allowed them to fail would have risked setting off a kind of toppling domino effect & dragged even many sound credits down with them. i think we'd be looking at a repeat of the great depression without that govt intervention & coordinated federal reserve actions.


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