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Tripp Levy PLLC to Investigate ORH

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From Bloomberg


Tripp Levy PLLC announces an

  investigation into the proposed acquisition of Odyssey Re Holdings Corp.

  (NYSE:ORH). On September 8, 2009, Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd.

  announced that it is proposing to acquire all of the outstanding shares of

  common stock of ORH that it does not currently own for $60 per share in

  cash. Fairfax currently owns approx. 72.6% of all outstanding shares of

  common stock of ORH. Fairfax said that it has no interest in selling its

  controlling interest in ORH.


  The investigation concerns whether the consideration to be paid to ORH

  shareholders is grossly unfair, inadequate, and substantially below the

  fair or inherent value of ORH. The investigation further concerns whether

  the directors of ORH, including any special committee members, may have

  breached their fiduciary duties by not acting in ORH shareholders' best

  interests in connection with the sale process of ORH.


  If you are a current holder of ORH and would like additional information

  concerning this proposed transaction, including your rights, please feel

  free to contact us at the information below.

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They are not bogus....just a lawyer firm. I tried to see if the tel number provided was real. It is.


The fact that the website for the domain www.tripplevy.com has a link farm parked page with no real information posted (and is hosted on yahoo) is somewhat uncharacteristic for anyone who is serious about their profession. It's almost the equivalent of not having a fax machine in the year 1990.




For a few dollars a month anyone can get a 1-800 number and pay a secretary in a call center to answer the phone and pretend that she is your receptionist.  It's called a virtual office. 



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Guest longinvestor

No matter whether ORH holders dont make as much as they would like or if FFh holders have their IV increased with the recent move, there is no doubt about who has lost instantly, like over this past weekend. The shorts...


You can see all of the familliar crap..lawsuits, yahoo msg board chatter has greatly increased..some posters pretending to be ORH long termers are trying to sow confusion.."dont tender your shares, Prem is cheating" etc.


DejaVu but this time around Prem is calling all the sho®ts !! Sweet



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