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Florida Exodus: Rising Taxes Drive Out Residences


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Interesting article but I think they missed a huge point that high income residents of NY and other Eastern states are fleeing to go to Florida.  I think it only takes a few of these guys (like Tom Galisano) to more than offset the declining population in the state.  Florida has always had the income gap as the wealthier folks from the East retire there and the demand in the state is driven by recreation and tourism (typically not high paying jobs).



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As Munger and Buffett tell us, you must ask the next question. Compared to what.


There is usually a big difference between cause and effect. I would suspect that many just delayed their move to Florida and what would the number really be if one removed the deaths from the low number of 27,000 for those three huge counties.


As for taxes, the state still has no income tax and insurance premiums have come down. Personally my premium decreased a whopping 27% this year.





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