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Buffett’s PetroChina Investment: Finding Large Gaps Between Price & Value


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Buffett purchased a stake in PTR between 2002 and 2003 at a cost of $488 million. He sold this stake in 2007 for $4 billion, netting Berkshire a gain of 8 times its initial investment. The capital Buffett put to work in PetroChina compounded at about 55% annually between 2002 and 2007.


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ROFL ...  unlikely Kraven - I've heard WEB speak (though not in person) and I'm still here!


I was actually enthused about WEB going about this investment decision as he likely does for any other, regardless of size - doing his own work and trusting in his own judgement ...


PS I guess there are worse ways to go out, though an Octogenarian doesn't figure into my plans ;)

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