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Broker to short Canadian penny stocks?


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I recall seeing the odd discussion around shorting penny stocks in Canada, and was wondering what broker folks have used for that? I'm with IB, and they generally don't have availability for either Canadian stocks or their OTC equivalent at the small end of the market where I'm looking.


One additional comment: I'm not intending to naked short penny stocks, a potentially terrible idea as CYNK demonstrated. I'm more looking to exploit market inefficiency's related to warrants, exchange offers and other special situations. No current ideas, but the odd really tempting debt exchange in the past has gone down without me profiting, which seems unfortunate to me. So I'd like to be prepared.


Anyway, I'd appreciate all ideas, hopefully from itsavaluetrap and others.

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I probably should mention I'm in Canada, so a brokerage catering to the Canadians is a requirement. Does anyone have any experience doing this with one of the big bank brokerages? Scotia iTrade and RBC direct investing would be the most convenient for me, but I'd love to hear about others experiences.

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