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Pabrai Funds AGM in Chicago & Steak'n Shake Visit


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If you plan on attending the upcoming Pabrai Funds AGM in Chicago on September 12th, please email me at sanjeevparsad@shaw.ca .  I'll be coordinating with Matt Miller and Joe Koster of Chanticleer Holdings, so that we can have a nice gathering before the meeting.  


If you would also be interested in a coordinated visit to a Steak'n Shake in the Chicago vicinity, on Friday the 11th or Sunday the 13th, please also indicate that in your email.  Cheers!


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Hi Hawk,


To clarify, the meeting is simply a gathering of investors, and Joe and Matt just happen to belong to Chanticleer.  Whether they comment or don't comment on Chanticleer is up to them, but I wouldn't expect attendees to hear anything specific about Chanticleer outside of what they say in their filings and press releases.  Cheers!

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