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How to lose $100,000,000 - Royal Little


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[amazonsearch]How to Lose $100,000,000 and Other Valuable Advice[/amazonsearch]


I liked this book immensely.  The Author - Royal Little actually made a lot of money because he turned Textron into a conglomerate.  It was refreshing because Mr. Little wrote the book after making a lot of money but talked candidly about many, many mistakes.  Reminded me a bit of Buffett because he tried and failed to do well with a textile company and then branched into better businesses. 


If anyone knows of other books where the author goes into many mistakes and failures I am all ears, as I think failure is underrepresented and critical to learn from. 


P.S.  I got this at the Library from Interlibrary loan - Highly recommended to save money.

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