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post your blogs thread


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I generate lots of good ideas from blogs.


ill start off, listed in random order:


dont really get much good ideas out of this one, but learned a thing or two from his thought process:



actually he finds lots of good ideas, and his thought process is more advanced then mine. Im gonna steal a few ideas of his i think



Read his lated post, and thought it was interesting



Same as above



This guy is not updating much now, but got a few interesting ideas of him in the past



Not really sure why im still on this one.



and my blog, i mostly recap ideas i like best and that i see elsewhere tho.



Problem is , msot delete their blogs after a short while. And please a short description would be very nice :) . If you have a blog yourself feel free to post it as well.

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Some blogs I like.

Description is from the blog owners themselves.



- Thoughts of a teacher and a practitioner of value investing and behavioral economics



- Intensive investing education through case studies



- Deep value, contrarian, Grahamite investment



- Random Thoughts on Investing and Investment Ideas



- Using commonsense principles & proven strategies to methodically build superior investment results


I use them for learning how to think about investing.

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I have many of these in my feedly, but only a few that I make sure to follow.  I like the ones that give out ideas and do a good job of explaining them.  Some of them are more of a journal of someone's musings about investing techniques and philosophy.    I think that can be beneficial but I'd usually rather skip it and hear another idea.


Oddballstocks, otcadventures, ragnarisapirate, whopperinvestments, and alphavuture are the ones I've found that seem to consistently offer up good ideas along with good explanations.  Someone on here posted something the other day advising people to find ideas on value blogs and he was definitely right. If you are too lazy to search for your own ideas I think you could pick off of good investing blogs and 13-F's and do fine.


here is my list


Wide Moat Investing

Under The Rock Stocks

Expecting Value - UK Value Investing Blog

Mr. Money Mustache

Whopper Investments

Above Average Odds Investing

Ask Kuppy - AdventuresinCapitalism

BoothLaird Investment Partnership

Canadian Value Investing

CHEAP STOCKS: Below Net Current Asset Value, Real Estate, and other Value Strategies

Distressed Debt Investing

Fat Pitch Financials - Special situation stocks and value investing




Hardcore Value

Hedge Fund Blogger.com

Inelegant Investor

Investing In Knowledge

Investor's Anthology

Long Term Value Blog

Market Beating

ME vs. EMT (Efficient Market Theory)

MicroCapClub | The Premier MicroCapClub

neat value

Norman Rothery's model value portfolio - The Globe and Mail

Posts by Elie Rosenberg (ValueSlant)

Pretoria Investment

Reminiscences of a Stockblogger

SAHARA Investing | Seeking undervalued investments worldwide

Shadow Stocks



Stevens Fund

Stinginess works: Why I'm a value investor - The Globe and Mail

The Frog's Kiss

The Graham Disciple

The Rational Walk

the red corner

The Variant View



Value Investing France

ValueSlant's CAPS Blog - Motley Fool CAPS

Value Uncovered

Variant Perceptions





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My favourites (and mine) that haven't already been posted -


Investing Sidekick - focuses mostly on UK and US



Reminiscences of a Stock Blogger - focusses a lot on Canada and resources



Wexboy - A lot of Irish but all round mix



Value and opportunity - Lots of European stuff



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Thanks for these. Good thread. Some good blogs on here that I read and look forward to checking out the others.


While not directly investment related, these two are good for thinking about decision making, psychology, life, etc:

https://www.farnamstreetblog.com/ (author is a user here)



Also for stocks I subscribe to http://www.stockspinoffs.com/ . Good coverage of spinoffs, mainly in the US.

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