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Hello -


My wife works for a financial services company and in a review of our financial interests, they have decided that there is a conflict of interest in our investment with a certain limited partnership that is fairly well-known in these parts (thread title discussing the manager refers to a certain impressive percent gain in the first 10 years of the partnership) because of this LP's very large holding in everyone's favorite insurer.


The problem is that this fund has done impressively well during the time we've held it, the manager is brilliant, AUM are still relatively low, fees were reasonable, and, other than a couple SmartMoney articles and discussion on this board, they fly relatively under the radar.  In short, it felt like the holy grail of funds.


So now we have a decent chunk of change coming back to us from redeeming our account and I'm not sure where to put it. I don't have the time to really get into individual stocks, and many of them are restricted anyway. The more time I spend looking at mutual funds, the more I realize that 99% of what is out there is crap. I like Berkowitz, but unfortunately the Fairholme funds are off-limits.


I know Sanjeev's fund is great and we are looking into this.  Do people have suggestions for other good options for accredited investors?  If the fund is small enough that holdings don't have to get reported, that is even better.





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