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Fairfax Options


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I am a newcomer and am still feeling my way around.  My questions is basic: Are there options for this stock in the US (I could not find them)?  If not, is the best way to consider options on the Toronto exchange? Thanks for the help.

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Several of us bought calls on FFh from 2005 through 2008, until they delisted on the NYSE. 


At the risk of starting an argument why would you want Options on FFh when it is at least fairly valued, if not overvalued?  I only buy options when there is a clear undervaluation. 


Finally, a word of advice.  Dont buy options on Canadian stocks unless you are prepared to ride them to the end.  Once you have got them, you are stuck.  I have had MFC options and Celestica expire worthless, after two years of watching them deteriorate, and being unable to sell at any price. 

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