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Country Confusion & Profile Setting


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Perhaps I am the only one confused by this, but I thought I would throw this out there in the hopes of improving the board.


This board is Canadian based but has a world-wide membership. This can sometimes lead to confusion and misinterpretation when readers do not know what country you are from.


For instance:


Stock prices - are you talking about Canadian dollars, US dollars, etc?


Recently there was confusion in a discussion on mortgages as rules differ substantially from country to country.


The same applies to political discussions. On the topic of the Ukraine, I don’t know if we have any Russian members but their outlook might be rather divergent from that of an American.


Stock symbols.  CFX in Canada is Canfor Pulp, in the US it is Colfax.


Or the reverse may be true.  Blackberry in the US is BBRY but in Canada it is BB.


Many here have set their country in their profile, but there are a lot of members who have not.

Some may have not done that intentionally for their own reasons but if this is simply an oversight it can be easily rectified by....


Going to the menu just below the top of the page, click “Profile”, Then click “Forum Profile”, then select “Country”. Now your country flag will appear below your name whenever you post.



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