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Uncle Jim Chanos' Bad Year (Kynikos Associates)


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Chanos reported results last week of -14%.  2012 was -1%.  It bears mentioning that Kynikos is a short-biased fund.  If I remember accurately, Sanj posted 10 yr results for Kynikos many moons ago.  They were poor.


Many of you will recall Jim Chanos from the Fairfax saga of 2003-2006.  Several emails emerged as part of discovery in Fairfax's ongoing suit vs. a bevy of hedge funds.  Chanos forwarded an email from Mark Heiman, an analyst at his firm, to a contact at SAC Capital.  The email contained information on a negative research report which John Gwynn, an analyst at Memphis-based broker Morgan Keegan, intended to publish.  Gwynn was subsequently fired and promptly died of a heart attack.  Chanos is still chasing young girls around his pool in the Hamptons.


Lest we forget...



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