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Oil 101 - Morgan Downey


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[amazonsearch]Oil 101[/amazonsearch]


Came across this book by accident on Amazon.  Turns out it's one of the best books I've read on the oil industry and it's an amazing primer.  The author explains everything in a really simple manner and makes the industry very understandable.  He discusses everything from the history of oil, to its chemistry, E&P, refining, etc... Makes a great book to broaden your circle of competence.


I was also hoping to start a thread regarding books on industry primers, as it might help everyone understand investments better.

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I ordered a copy, I've always avoided this industry because I don't understand it well enough, hoping to change that a little as it's clear the domestic oil industry is on the rise.


You won't regret it.  The book is simply amazing.  There's no other book out there I can think of that explains such a large and complex, but still very simple at the same time, industry as well as this book does with the oil industry.


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Second the originator's suggestion. I've read several books over the last few months in an attempt to get up to speed as per our current environment, and Downey's was hands down the best.


A decent podcast that focuses solely on the historical development of the petroleum industry: A History of Oil. It's based off of, amongst other sources, Yergin's The Prize. Credit for the find goes to John Huber & his blog.

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