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  1. Added to GRFS. Blood plasma collection business. Trading even lower than the March 2020 price. Oligopoly. Will continue to grow for many years to come. High barrier to entry.
  2. I added to my starter position at $7.95. All 3 have mentioned pretty much the same reason: higher cost of hiring and retaining the agents this year due to labor shortage, which lead to ~25% lower guidance.
  3. For GOCO, on Q2 earnings call, they revised EBITDA for 2021 (from ~350m to ~300) due to increased costs for hiring and retaining sale agents in 2021. EHTH didn't change guidance in Q2 call. SLQT is due to announce earnings on 25th Aug. The companies may seem spammy but it is in their best interest to find the most suitable Medicare Advantage plan for the seniors so that the churn is low. Therefore they really help seniors. I'd highly suggest most recent write up on VIC as well as the discussion in comments. With so many MA plans available (~28 on avrg), it can really get difficult for the seniors to choose the most appropriate plans. I don't see any reason why these platforms would fail to post high rev growth in coming years. They all have ~2-3 LTV/CAC, meaning that every additional approved member adds to profitability.
  4. Opened position in GOCO after 40% drop followed by another 20% drop. It dragged down SLQT too so I bought some. Added to EHTH. I am taking a basket approach. These stocks have become cheap, will continue to post >30% growth. I am bullish on this sector due to TAM and secular winds.
  5. Here are some that I frequently listen to: 1. Business Breakdowns 2. Chit Chat Money 3. Focused Compounding 4. Acquired 5. Value Investing with Legends 6. Invest Like the Best 7. Capital Allocators 8. InvestED 9. FYI - For Your Innovative 10. The Business Brew
  6. IDN has nice growth potential and valuation is "cheap". Seems like they use AAMVA/DMV database for ID verification. I am curious do they have exclusive right to the use of databases for ID check? Can any other company also offer similar service by accessing the same databases?
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