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  1. Thanks gfp! That is very helpful.
  2. Does anyone know of a way to get historical financials for TCI and/or Cap Cities? More generally, has anyone found a way to find historical financials for companies that have been acquired, especially before financials became widely available on the internet?
  3. Along with Talent is Overrated, which someone already mentioned in this thread, Bounce by Matthew Syed is great book that covers very similar ideas.
  4. I absolutely agree. In fact, I sent an email to Morningstar complaining about the new financials format, and the response I got was essentially that "we think you will like it once you get used to it." Ugh.
  5. I am interested to know if anyone has come across a good data source for E&P company data (i.e. 1P & 2P reserve values, boepd production, etc) that is relatively cheap. I'm sure pricey data sources like Bloomberg and Cap IQ are the best places to go to for such aggregate information, but I'm curious whether anyone knows of a source that is cheaper (or even free).
  6. If I own options on an MLP but never buy the stock, will I still have to file a K-1? I imagine the answer is no, but I want to make sure.
  7. Two of my favorites: A Patriot's History of the United States -- This book is spectacularly good. It's close to 1000 pages but it's the best US history book I've come across. Rocket Men by C. Nelson -- A great history of the space race in general and the Apollo program in particular.
  8. I agree; it's a good book. I had never even heard of Feeney (or Duty Free Shoppers for that matter) before I came across this book.
  9. Thanks. I would have sworn these didn't come up when I searched investing books...Anyway, thanks for pointing these out.
  10. Yes, but basically all other threads concern specific books; none of them ask for lists of "the best", "your favorite", etc., investing books.
  11. Perhaps I am mistaken, but it seems there is no CoBF thread on the best investing books. I have therefore decided to start one. My all-time favorite is You can be a Stock Market Genius. Other favorites include 100 Baggers by C. Mayer and Peter Lynch's books One up on Wall Street and Beating the Street. I personally was not very impressed by The Intelligent Investor. I am interested to hear what others think are the best investing books, especially if I have not listed them here.
  12. The greatest investment book ever written (and as everyone insists on pointing out, the one with the worst title): Greenblatt's You can be a Stock Market Genius. Peter Lynch's books are also exceptionally good.
  13. What are the best biographies you would recommend? I've read quite a few which are really great. My top five are 1. Walt Disney by Neil Gabler 2. Adolf Hitler by John Toland 3. Einstein by Ronald Clark 4. The Virgin Way by Richard Branson 5. Call me Ted by Ted Turner
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