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  1. University of Berkshire Hathaway has been selected (as one of 60 business books) for the Prime Reading program. The Kindle eBook edition is FREE to all Amazon Prime customers for about 90 days (from February 1, 2021 to May 31st, 2021). https://www.amazon.com/University-Berkshire-Hathaway-Lessons-Shareholders-ebook/dp/B06XT89563 We'd love for as many people as possible to read this while free. So please tell your friends and leave an honest review.
  2. A fan of University of Berkshire Hathaway posted a video about the book. He’s the host of a popular YouTube channel: “The Swedish Investor.” The video has received over 198,000 views! Enjoy.
  3. In case anyone is interested: University of Berkshire Hathaway is now available as an audiobook: https://www.audible.com/pd/University-of-Berkshire-Hathaway-Audiobook/1721334572
  4. Speaking of CNBC's Warren Buffett Archive, I was pleasantly surprised to find the recording of a question I asked in 1996: https://buffett.cnbc.com/video/1996/05/06/afternoon-session---1996-berkshire-hathaway-annual-meeting.html?&start=8340
  5. This book came out today. It was an honor to have my book (University of Berkshire Hathaway) included as an excerpt in this collection.
  6. A quick update: I’ve searched, but I was unable to locate my past issues of Outstanding Investors Digest. If anyone finds the issues describing the meetings (especially before 1994), please upload them here. Warren Buffett has plans to release all of the video recordings of the meetings (starting in 1994): http://www.omaha.com/money/buffett/warren-buffett-plans-to-release-video-archive-of-past-shareholder/article_06c5c9f3-6133-523c-a7e9-5d7cdea8d677.html
  7. How does that work? Does the author get any say? Does that mean you receive nothing for each free purchase? Correct. Over the course of the weekend, we won't profit from Kindle sales. It's purely a gift from us.
  8. FYI: The Kindle version of the book is FREE on Amazon this weekend. (Friday, March 16 until Tuesday, March 20) www.amazon.com/dp/B06XT89563 Click 'Buy Now' instead of 'Read for Free.' [The former is actually free. The latter will try to upsell a Netflix-like subscription service.]
  9. I am happy to announce: An excerpt of University of Berkshire Hathaway will be featured in Lawrence Cunningham's next book: "The Warren Buffett Shareholder: Stories from inside the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting" www.amazon.com/dp/085719700 It comes out on April 20, 2018. "In this engaging collection of stories, 43 veterans of the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting explain why throngs attend year after year. Beyond the highlights of Warren's wisdom displayed on stage in his day-long Q&A with vice chairman Charlie Munger, these experts reveal the Berkshire meeting as a community gathering of fun, fellowship, and learning."
  10. You're welcome. I'm glad to see that my post was so warmly received. The PDF copy of the book that I uploaded to this forum has been downloaded 175 times. I'd love to hear what each person thinks about the book after they read it. Feel free to reach out and personally message me. Best, Daniel Pecaut University_of_Berkshire_Hathaway_by_Daniel_Pecaut__Corey_Wrenn_Corner_of_Berkshire__Fairfax.pdf
  11. Thanks for the kind words, ValueMaven. I am one of the authors of "University of Berkshire Hathaway" As this thread has shown, this book has been somewhat controversial. To some, like Merkel, there is no reason for such a book to exist--no matter how well executed. But some very influential and informed thinkers in our field have found value in this book: Jonathan Brandt, who has been onstage at the meeting asking questions to Buffett and Munger for the last 5 years, said: "For 25 years, I have religiously read Daniel and Corey's annual commentaries about Berkshire Hathaway. I know of no keener observers on what has made Berkshire such a wonderful wealth-builder. You can't help but learn valuable lessons by reading this book.” Jean-Marie Eveillard, a recipient of Morningstar's 'Fund Manager Lifetime Achievement Award’, said: "This book is a true gem." We have also sent copies to and received responses from two BRK board members: "You have provided a wonderful service that I believe will have meaning long into the future." "I have always enjoyed your notes about Berkshire. Your firm does a wonderful job of covering Berkshire in a very interesting way." Since you are such an astute and free-thinking audience, I have uploaded the full book here (as a PDF attachment). You can take a look at it and decide for yourself. Best, Daniel Pecaut P.S. I was a longtime reader of Outstanding Investors Digest. I am still proud of being featured in that publication. If I can locate the issues discussed above, I will scan and upload them to this thread. University_of_Berkshire_Hathaway_by_Daniel_Pecaut__Corey_Wrenn_Corner_of_Berkshire__Fairfax.pdf
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