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  1. Hi guys, capital allocation is a much bigger focus in the US than in Europe so thought it might be fun to compile a list of great capital allocators on this side of the ocean. Who would you nominate for a list of European "Outsiders"? Some names I had: - Gilles Martin (Eurofins) - Patrick Drahi (Altice)
  2. It's not. Its heads-up no limit holdem vs 4 (likely to be top 10 globally) human players.
  3. This is actually highly impressive. The bot (computer program) managed to beat 4 of the best human 1-on-1 poker players on the world by quite a big margin over a large sample size of hands played. During the last version of this match up the human team easily beat the bot, but they mentioned the program had improved significantly this time around. As the 'holy grail' in poker is to approach a game theory optimal (GTO) strategy raw computing power which learns by playing itself many times over can help speed up this process. (fun fact: some of the best players have actually hired programmers / servers in order to build custom software to help them solve the game)
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