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  1. Didn't find it here on my quick review of earlier messages - but it is convenient for multinationals to borrow if it plans growth or other uses of cash when cash on the B/S is trapped elsewhere on other jurisdictions.
  2. I am long too. Looks like it is cheaper on US markets below C$735 now,
  3. ni-co: I like the thread because your posts have helped me think a bit differently. Thank you
  4. physcdisp


    rishig: thanks for the comments. The new management installed at the top of VISA do not seem to play mostly duopoly market well. The market seems to probably is assigning high valuations assuming that the current market dynamics to continue.
  5. physcdisp


    The tariff for using VISA/MA "rails" is just 10 bps. Therefore, they probably can innovate in blockchains or any new technology as that evolves. Their current solution does not tax the system heavily and hence has more staying power. The regulatory nature of the business probably can provide ample time for nimble players (as long as current incumbents are nimble) to take on disruption before competition reaches critical mass. Curious what other folks here think of this. Thanks
  6. physcdisp


    Barrons has a bullish article this weekend on Blockchains and how the technology may displace VISA/MC/AMEX/DFS etc. Curious what bulls think about that. Probably will take a while. The article still acknowledges a role for the banks. Thanks
  7. physcdisp


    Thanks for the discussion. Curious how does the Chase Pay work. I understand it goes through VISA's 'rails'. Is it that Chase Bank sets the interchange as opposed to VISA and just pays a token amount to VISA for using its network? How big is the threat in the long-term?
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