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  1. Looks like the senators got a briefing on UFO sightings today. Trump was briefed last week. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/06/19/warner-classified-briefing-ufos-1544273
  2. Nope. I can say there is possibility of life else where based on my observation that life exists on this planet. Its a fact and I have several ways to prove the hypothesis. I don't need to understand how planet was created to prove that there may be other planets in the Universe. Probability does the trick here. Actually it makes no sense. Current hypothesis is based on the fact that life exists here and we have observed it. Let me know when you observe the God almighty.
  3. Your statements may be correct but your inference is precisely wrong. If you believe both to be true AND you can observe life on earth than it is safe to assume that there is a possibility of alien life somewhere else. Mind sharing the hypothesis for that pre supposition?
  4. There is really no upside for the government to disclose it. If its an enemy craft then they are not prepared to handle it and if its an alien ship then there goes the social/religious fabric of the society and all the fairy tales that comes with it. If it were an organized hoax then you will hear a LOT more about it in the media.
  5. I own a C Corp business that has been accumulating cash which I won't need to reinvest for at least 2 years. I am interested in hearing from the business owners about their strategy to invest the excess capital. I am guessing that treasuries or laddered bond portfolio can work but has anyone attempted stock/index investing via company account ? My accountant wasn't much help and I am not sure how IRS looks at this investing activity especially the gains/losses. Going to be digging on that but any insights will be helpful. Also any recommendations on the brokerage firm that handles company accounts? I called the Interactive Brokers and they only know how to open a 401K account in the company's name.
  6. I don't pay attention to the kidnappings or waking up to little green men stories. But UFO's around military installations or reported by pilots seems credible enough since the reporting party have lot to lose if this was a hoax. But both of them are treated the same way in the media.
  7. Possibly, although I don't get the rational of flying clandestine warplane in the commercial alley. But who knows , maybe they are testing the F-U series. And I don't get the media attitude about covering this. Even if you strongly believe its not an alien craft, isn't there a huge story about security gap or pilot insanity? I do admit that I'm a UFO junkie. We barely understand the universe, our place in it, life's origin to conclusively state that we are alone. Maybe Musk is right that the odds of this world being a simulation are higher than this being a base reality.
  8. This reporter has filed some interesting reports of an encounter over Oregon and California. The FAA interviews with the pilots are fascinating. http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/19095/listen-in-as-a-learjet-and-an-airbus-encounter-a-mystery-craft-high-over-arizona http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/18473/faa-recordings-deepen-mystery-surrounding-ufo-over-oregon-that-sent-f-15s-scrambling?iid=sr-link4
  9. BTW this wasn't a criticism of writser's strategy. I meant to say I got lucky with this pick. Bad attempt at sarcasm.
  10. Probably the first one to report a loss. Down 15%, could have been worse had I not followed Writser's strategy AND ignored his advice of not investing in joke of a company called MRS. Doubled in 3 months. Biggest losers were FELP and OCN.
  11. If you have a fund , why not open a solo 401K and move your IRA? I have one from Fidelity which is free and have complete control over my investments.
  12. haha sorry buddy, I take it back. Didn't mean that you throw darts. I meant taking small positions where the probability of success is positive overall. And I probably started with the wrong stock.
  13. Well it still is only a $20m mkt cap company. The PO is either there or its a complete fraud. If the PO is legit than $400m rev over five years doesn't justify $20m cap. Even the distributor will advance $20m if they get the $50m PO in the first year. I got interested because of the PP. This one was private and the participants usually have access to lot more material than whats available in the public realm. Even the management participated and bought around $100k. On the other side , you have 10m warrants at a strike of .15 expiring at the end of the year. Who knows may be this is a set up to cash them out as discussed in other sites. I'm taking writser approach and putting in 3% so I don't have to dig deeper.
  14. I bought some when I saw the management buying in a PP. I thought it was a joke of a company with funny sounding name and I still have doubts about it. B I did a little research and found out that they actually have a product that was co developed with a government's division. Who knows it might be a pump-n-dump but if the PO materializes then this one will have a big upside.
  15. Estimate intrinsic value for an entity that just declared restructuring? NO THANK YOU. I sometimes think that Buffet has done more harm than good by blabbering these aphorisms that people mindlessly parrot. Here is a better one “These stunts are performed by trained professionals, don't try this at home..”
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