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  1. Anyone looked at IGC, it is a US based pot pharma, selling CBD infused soft drinks, up 300% in last one week, it sure is a bubble. How one can take advantage of this mania using options ?
  2. I mediate regularly, mostly during my Iyengar Yoga class. As Jbird pointed above, I encountered the same benefits. I am a physician by profession and we are human, so we also get emotional. Meditation has helped me stay calm, focused and look more clearly. I am becoming a better person as a result. As far as investing goes, I just run a thought experiment about any company I want to invest. During these thought experiment I ask some of the critical questions like competitive advantages, strategy and ask myself this question.. Do I clearly understand how this company makes money. So I develop these mental models and then write down my basic thinking in few paragraphs. Once I am done with it then I use an app called as Grafio to let that information flow. I don't try to get lost in accounting numbers but try to understand and find great businesses, as all of you know there are not many. I find quarterly numbers meaningless and misguiding. I don't invest in companies where management is focused on quarterly numbers, I want to understand their strategy for maintenaning their competitive advantage. I am still learning....
  3. Demo model of Tesla, with some miles on it and 240 mile range. There will be at least $20k discount !
  4. Indeed she is, I am a physician and follow her achievement very closely, she has asperger's and one of incredibly gifted human being, if I can call her human. Theranos is already operating in some walgreen's in SF and Arizona, they will be expanding.
  5. He taught me perspective, how to look at big picture and developing ideas. In fact now I look at most things like that and it did amazing things for me. He always come up with something original to say about companies, which is his own analysis, not something he read somewhere. He has turned a physican into a devout value investor and because of him, I learned that, just like medicine, value investing is also scientific art !
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