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2014 Data for countries, companies & sectors by Aswath Damodaran

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Found this on Aswath Damodaran's homepage:


"This page provides information on how to collect data from a variety of sources. It also allows you to look at and download a number of data sets that you might find useful in corporate finance and valuation. If you have trouble viewing the data in your browser, you can download the data in excel format. I will try to keep them updated, and include the dates of the updates with the data sets. If you want to see the company-specific information, you can download the data on individual firms below.


History and Philosophy: I am always flattered to see my data used, but I want everyone using the data to be aware of how and why I put together this data, and the ways it can be best used. Please read this before you use the data.


Data comments for 2014: I continue to use Value Line for the US data updates, but I have switched to a combination of Bloomberg and Capital IQ data for non-US firms, with an overlay of my own modified industry categories. (Don't ask why... You don't want to know..).


For all of the companies, I have also added my estimates of firm-specific costs of capital which you can find in the compfirm.xls dataset. In addition to having the data by region (US, Japan, Emerging Markets and Europe),you will find a global summary that lists items like beta and multiples for each sector, for all companies listed globally. You should also be able to find data by broad geographical groupings (emerging markets, Europe, Japan) and for India and China individually.


Finally, I have followed my own advice and converted leases to debt for all companies in the global database. The debt ratios, margins, returns on capital and other key measures that you see in the global data sets are now adjusted for lease debt. Since the Value Line data does not carry lease information, I do have a secondary sector average listing for US companies that does incorporate leases."


You can visit http://people.stern.nyu.edu/adamodar/New_Home_Page/data.html for downloadable versions of all of these datasets.

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Thanks for the update Aswath. I am going through your valuation class online and enjoying it!






I should've originally put quotation marks and been more clear overall on that Marc (edit: done now), since I'm not Aswath and it's not my work. My bad.

That'll teach me to lazily copy the blurb and leave it at that.


His blog (http://aswathdamodaran.blogspot.co.uk/) is really good too, for anyone who hasn't stumbled across it yet.

He only posts a few times each month, but it's always high quality stuff.

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Pretty funny :)...I wondered why your initials did not match his figured I was missing something.


And for those who wonder how I am taking the course...you can download the complete course pretty close to how he teaches it (e.g. session is up within a few hours of the actual class) through iTunes...I confess I'm behind the class schedule.

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