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Great value investing resource - r/SecurityAnalysis


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Hi all! I'm a new member so apologies for the repetition if this has been brought up in the past. I'm sure there are at least a few members here who use the following.


I'm a redditor. I love it - easily one of my favorite websites (in addition to CofB&F now!). There is an excellent subreddit - for those not familiar with reddit, it is essentially a subforum within reddit on a specific topic -  on value investing called r/SecurityAnalysis. Just like this forum, I have found a great deal of very educational and insightful material there.




In fact, just this morning I found a post linking to a video series which I hadn't heard of before - The Best of Value Investing (features Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Peter Lynch, John Templeton, Seth Klarman, Walter Schloss, Whitney Tilson, Mohnish Pabrai). I pride myself on having a decent collection of these guru/value investing videos (hopefully I've finally found a community where this isn't viewed as lame and pathetic haha), and I totally missed this one (link below). So I think even the most experienced value investors on this forum will find something valuable on the subreddit. I haven't watched the video yet but am looking forward to crushing it during this snowy weekend!




Anyway, I just wanted to share r/SecurityAnalysis with this community for those that may not be familiar with reddit or this specific subreddit.


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