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US estate taxes for US non residents on their US portfolios


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Calling all US non residents who invest in the US stock market. 


Has anyone looked into potential US estate taxes on their portfolio?  Especially those that live in a jurisdiction which does not have a tax treaty with the US.


I understand that the exclusion is only for the first US$60,000 for US non resident aliens (NRA).  Any amount above that is subject to US estate taxes which can be onerous.  How have other non resident aliens dealt with this situation?


Anyone knowledgeable in US estate taxes who could offer some insight?


Thank you in advance ..

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I'm in the opposite position - I may soon have to deal with Taxes on a UK estate that will end up in the USA. any tax tips anyone has there would be very handy.




(sorry for the hijack but I was talking about this with my parents a couple of days ago and we came to the conclusion that we had a few ideas but not enough knowledge to actually execute any of them!!)

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