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Here is a link to a deal on some insurance books that may be of interest.  It is offered

through Insurance Journal's Academy of Insurance.  I haven't read any of them.





"all five books in digital format for just $47"



Insurance, Risk & Risk Management The Insurance Professional's Basic Guide to Risk Management and Insurance, 236 Pages


Wow! I Never Knew That! 12 of the Most Misunderstood and Misused P&C Insurance Coverages, Concepts and Exclusions, 179 Pages


Property and Casualty Insurance Concepts Simplified Key property and casualty concepts rarely discussed or found in print; rather they are often left to be "discovered" over time, 198 Pages


The Insurance Professional's Practical Guide to Workers' Compensation Boggs addresses in clear, jargon-free English many of the concepts, policies and practices in workers compensation, 222 Pages


Business Income Insurance Demystified The Simplified Guide to Understanding Business Income Coverage, 145 Pages


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