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What kind of data do you want? Morningstar offers annual and quarterly financial statements and key ratios for free. You can access it from home through any major public library's website, provided you have a library card. The Morningstar csv files are standardized, so you can easily build an Excel template that takes the Morningstar data and displays it however you want.


The main advantage of having Capital IQ or FactSet is being able to do complex screens. I can't think of any other use for a paid service given what's available for free.

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I've really been struggling with data sources. I really want to implement global baskets of net-net stocks, but I haven't pulled the trigger since data quality has been lacking. I understand things should be hairy for some OTC stocks, but I'm honestly surprised that the quality isn't even all there with NASDAQ.


Right now, the most economic solutions I see for global screening/data are screener.co and value-investing.eu. The first is $25 a month and the second is around $400 yearly. Gurufocus also has a global screener, but the cost is at around $1k a year. All can import to Excel.


I want accurate F, M, and Z scores, but I have noticed discrepancies on all 3, and I'm not willing to go $1k on GuruFocus when their domestic data is suspect and they don't provide a partial trial.


Does anyone know of alternative global screeners ($1k or more is fine, I just want better data)? Likewise, has anyone found F, M, and Z scores that are more or less trustworthy as a group? Thanks!

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